Plan a Social Media Calendar Your Customers Will Love

Social media can either be integral to your overall marketing strategy or the bane of your existence. In this 90 minute-ish workshop we will give you a repeatable framework to plan out your monthly posting calendar with fresh, relevant, engaging posts designed to attract and segment new customers and clients.

✅No more anxiety about what to post and when.

✅No more "settling" for cat memes or other nonsense that may get engagement (but not with your target audience) occasionally.

I will teach you the EXACT process that we use at Digital Sandwich to plan out an entire month (actually more than that) of social media posts.

The Details

✅ When?: 2 Sessions - Choose which is best for you! 

✅ Tuesday 1/12/21 - 2PM

✅ Friday 1/15/21 - 8AM


❓️ Will I learn about the technology or mechanics of posting?
🅰️No. We are covering strategy on this session. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials about HOW. This is more about the WHY and providing strategy.

❓️ What if I can't show up LIVE?
🅰️I feel that showing up live is always better BUT you will have access to the recordings AND handouts regardless of if you show up live.

❓️ Can I ask questions?
🅰️Yes. At the end of each section there will be Q&A. We are keeping questions to a specific section to ensure that the recordings are clean for everyone. Don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

❓️ Is there a pitch for expensive services?
🅰️Of course there will be an opportunity for the right people (good fit) to continue to work together. That already exists, though. The goal of this workshop is to provide tremendous value to anyone who attends, NOT to upsell you. That's annoying.

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